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Gaba fails to dribble his way through JCE.

23, or 16 year old (if FAM is to be believed), soccer sensation, Gabadinho Frank Mhango, is not in the 72 percent that have managed to get their Junior Certificates this year. He has opted to be in the humble 18 percent that has chosen to not have one of


KB soldiers punish Moyale Barracks soldiers.

The military men of Kamuzu Barracks in the capital city took their football lessons to the North where they defeated the soldiers of Moyale Barracks at their own backyard (the North) in the Carlsberg Cup finals. A goal from Kamuzu Barracks’ Harvey Mkach


Not Malawi again, says Kinnah.

While the Belgian, Thom Saintfiet, left with a bleeding heart and a strong conviction that FAM will reconsider him to coach the country football national team again, former coach of the flames Kinnah Phiri has vowed that he will never again coach the coun


Bullets, Nomads attack Army teams.

For Nomads, it might be revenge that after they were given slaps by Mafco players sometime in Salima violence is their only way of revenge. However, for Bullets it is anger at having lost sponsorship. Both might even be driven by the latter. The open secr