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Bullets supporters taught a football lesson.

Supporters of Big Bullets football club who, last week, went around town baying for the blood of their own players have been taught a humbling lesson of football: that all days are not Sundays. Last weekend, the supporters threatened to beat up and even k


JC-less Gaba to earn over a million a month.

Reports indicate that Frank Gabadinho Mhango who was in the news throughout this week for his failure to get a Junior Certificate has covered up his shame well, even to a point that he cannot count his failure as a misfortune. According to reports from So


Malawi teams qualify for quarterfinals.

The Malawian teams that are representing the nation at the on going Airtel rising stars in Nigeria have made it into the quarterfinals of the cup. The Joyce Banda Foundation, representing the male side, has qualified for the quarterfinals after a goalless


KB players promoted.

Following their triumph in the Carlsberg cup last weekend at the Mzuzu stadium where they beat army rivals, Moyale Barracks, the technical panel of Kamuzu Barracks and the players as well have all been promoted to the next level of rank within the militar


Gaba did not get a ‘B’ in Biology.

Controversy over soccer maestro Gabadinho Frank Mhango’s JCE results refuses to die as fresh revelations have emerged that the lad actually did not get a ‘B’ (very good) grade in Biology. “It was an oversight by the reporter who to