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FAM tips local coaches on importance of physical fitness course

FAM tips local coaches on importance of physical fitness course
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Football Association of Malawi through its General Secretary (GS) Alfred Gunda, has provided the significance of the ongoing physical fitness course, especially to TNM Super League teams.

FAM invited thirty coaches for the course; 16 from the top-flight Super League, 9 from the lower Leagues (Regional Leagues) and 5 from the youth teams, and the course started this week on Monday at Mpira Village at Chiwembe, Blantyre.

A group photo of the coaches, instructors and FAM officials

According to FAM page, the GS said physical fitness helps in the performance of a player, and it is high time we started copying up with modern ways.

“In Football the Physical fitness preparedness is what makes the player to perform. Traditionally we take running and endurance as the main exercises in players’ physical fitness training.

“Football has evolved and it is good for our coaches to be introduced to modern ways of physical fitness preparedness. At the end of this training we expect an improved way of conditioning our players and it is good that this course has come as we go into off season meaning the coaches have a chance to implement the new tricks during the pre-seasons in a months’ time,” Gunda explained at the official opening of the training.

The facilitator of the course, Mark Jones, said the course will equip the coaches on the use of games to condition players.

Mark Jones- FIFA instructor

The Australian FIFA instructor said: “In this course, we are trying to use the games for conditioning the players. In the past we used to have athletics as a physical fitness training but now we want to impart the new ways of training to football instructors.”

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