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MCP congratulates The Queens for success at Fast5 Netball Series

MCP congratulates The Queens for success at Fast5 Netball Series
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Malawi Congress Party, MCP, has congratulated Malawi netball team, The Queens, for finishing fourth at this year’s Fast5 World Netball Series, held last weekend in Australia.

On behalf on the party’s president, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, and all members of the party, the letter for the congratulatory message has been written yesterday by the parity’s Publicity Secretary, Honorable Maurice Munthali.

The first part of the letter carries the following message: “The Malawi Congress Party feels that the success story brought home by our devoted, patriotic and ardent ladies is an unprecedented national pride and an achievement worth commending publicly.”

The Queens finished fourth at the competition, in front of England and South Africa.

For the improvement made this year, after it finished 6th last year, the letter also expresses the party’s gratitude for the team’s performance, despite not having enough preparations for the tourney, in what it labeled as ‘unsatisfactory and unprofessional preparations.

“By finishing at fourth position in such a highly competitive tournament and taking into consideration that you do not have all it takes to train satisfactorily and professionally, we in the Malawi Congress Party, all netball lovers across the country and all Malawians, owe you our profound congratulations! You have, as always, put Malawi on the world map.” It states.

This comes as the team is getting prepared for Netball World Cup in England.

The letter concludes by a hopeful remark about the Government support towards the continuous success of the team.

“It is our hope that the Government, through the line Ministry, will ensure that our ladies are well supported, motivated and rewarded for them to register even more successes in future. “ states the letter.

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