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Comrade Dr Feston Kaphaya in sports development initiative

Comrade Dr Feston Kaphaya in sports development initiative
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By Orchestra Kamanga

Founder and Managing Director of General Vision Screen Printers (GVSP) Comrade Dr Feston Kaphaya said to develop sports in the country they is need to start promoting it at grassroots level especially in rural areas.

He observed that most companies concentrate developing sports in urban areas forgetting community area where they is youth with talent and skills.

“To get the ball rolling I assisted two teams in my home village of Traditional Authority Makwangwala by distributing balls and Jersey to Hungry Lions football club and Angoni stars,” he said.

Dr Kaphaya also said he had plans to hold tournaments for the teams to compete but he failed because some quarters in the community can think that he has joined politics without knowing his dream of promoting sports in the country.

He therefore urged the government to promote sports like any other developmental activities and players should be insured in case of injuries.

“Most parents are reluctant to send their children to take part in sporting activities fearing that they can be injured and no one would take care of them,” he said.

Kaphaya said the two teams he is sponsoring are the best clubs in the area and they can produce best players who can play at TNM super league teams or even to play at national level.

General Vision Screen Printers was started in February 15, 2001 and is along Zalewa road opposite Motel Paradise in Blantyre. It prints promotional materials like T-Shirts, Caps, Work suits, Golf-Shirts, Bags, Neck Ties, Reflectors and Umblerras.

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