Jegwe quits Mzuni FC assistant coaching role

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Millias Pofera Jegwe did not find Mzuni Football Club comfortably  endurable to his role as assistant coach which has forced him to pen his resignation letter.

According to a letter dated June 5, 2017 addressed to the General Secretary of Mzuni FC, Jegwe  stated that he has resigned because his office has not accepted him to transfer to Mzuzu from Lilongwe.
“As you already know that I am civil servant, working for the Ministry of health. I had applied for transfer from Lilongwe to Mzuzu that I may be able to execute my duties concurrently,” reads part of letter.

He therefore disclosed  that his request  has been denied which has left him with no option but to resign from his position as an assistant coach for Mzuni FC.

He added that he wanted to concentrate on his  official duties in the ministry of health which is based in Lilongwe.

However, some rumours indicate that Jegwe has been asked to another coaching role in  certain club,which has not yet disclosed.

Jegwe sacked from Civil Service United (CIVO) as coach last season.
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