Mpingwe Orange wins Cricket Tournament

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By Orchestra Kamanga
Mpingwe Orange has won Intercricket League (ICL) and received a trophy after deafiting Mpingwe White at Mpingwe Sports Club on Sunday.

Mpingwe Orange reached the finals after Walloping Mpingwe Grey while Mpingwe White reached the finals after edging Mpingwe Gold at Indian Sports Club in Limbe.
Teams competing I the tournament include Mpingwe Grey, Silver, Orange, Brown, Siku Blue, Yellow just to mention but a few.
Speaking in an Interview Mpingwe Orange Captain, Khaitl Badat said they have won the completion because they assembled strong and experienced players.

“We have won the tournament because we best players and team were united from the begging,” he said adding that he promises to win more trophies after the month of Ramadhan competition
Mpingwe Orange Captain Khaitl Badat also said it was not their first time for his team to grab the championship.
Deapite losing Captain for Mpinge White Karamat Chaudhry said his team put much grind fight.
Former National Cricket coach said his team played well and promises to win more in next tournament.

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