Bullets’ Supporters unshaken over NMC pull-out

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Big Bullets turmoil fails to die as it seems the some trustees and Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) sponsors did not like the idea of Supporters committee to have elected an interim executive committee.

The battle of having an ownership over the team is what silently nursing the turmoil in Club as Bullets believed that their elect of the interim executive committee has led to  NMC suspending sponsorship effective, 6 March 2017.

According to letter supporters penned to their former sponsors disclosed that NMC wants the Supporters Chairperson, Mr Stone Mwamadi to be removed from his position, a move which is not welcomed by supporters.

In reaction to suspension of sponsorship the supporters Committee are demanding that Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) should pay Bullets FC players their February salaries yesterday on March 7th 2017, before 4pm.

Supporters also warned the NMC that if they fail to pay the players before indicated time and date they should pull out from the Bullets FC-NMC partnership by noon today.

Meanwhile, almost all trustees have pulled out their responsibility for the club due to a raging disagreements.

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