Kamwendo should not rush to blame Wanderers officials – Maxell Mapemba

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By orchestra Kamanga

As the controversial surrounding the disappointed Wanderers midfielder Joseph ‘Shakira’ Kamwendo over his contract sports analysis has urged the midfielder not to push much the blame to the officials for trip failure to Japan.

Maxwell Mapemba

According the soccer analysis Maxwell Mapemba plan to dump the club is not because he want to be near his sick mother but it is due to trip failure to Japan where he went for trials alongside his teammate Peter Wadabwa (striker)

“Kamwendo should not rush to push the whole blame to Wanderers officials because the trip was not facilitated by Nomads but sponsors Be forward,” he said.

Mapemba the former Vice chairperson for Nyerere said both side should have around table discussion and resolve the matter amicably.

Commenting on the contract saga Mapemba said firstly people should read the contract statement and see whether it allows   a player to leave or not before expiring of his contract.

The former boss said Kamwendo is a senior player and need to approach the whole issue with professional manner because Wanderers is his team.

“Where ever he can go Kamwendo can be welcome back and join Lali Rubal outfit (Nomads) without any problem,” he said.

Kamwendo resigned from Wanderers to join the newly promoted TNM super league team Master Security claiming the he want to be his sick Mother which Wanderers officials denied.










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