Kukoma Diamonds go on top in Rainbow Paints

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Tigresses short lived on the summit table in the Rainbow Paints Southern Region Netball League as on Thursday  Kukoma Diamonds took over the lead as they defeated Gerald Tasaukadala 113-14 baskets at Blantyre Youth Centre.

The Tigresses were on top with 30 points because they played more games but not that Diamonds have played same 11 games are on top with 33 points .

Gerald Tasaukadala came into a game with hunger to defeat Diamonds but their pace did not last longer as until they also scored 14 baskets.

After the final whistle, Diamonds coach Griffin Saenda praised his charges for the victory and vowed with the winning mentality.

“We are not turning back because our main aim is to finish the league without any defeat.Let me also take this opportunity to thank my players for the job well done, “said Saenda.


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